Ask The Fangirl

A little while back I came across a tag titled #askthefangirl and I thought I'd answer the questions! First person I ever obsessed over? - Danny Jones (still do!) Current obsession? - I never really have 'current obsessions' because once I'm obsessed with something, I'm obsessed for life. So my top three obsessions of all… Continue reading Ask The Fangirl



This post is sharing my answers on Pottermore along with other random Harry Potter facts I've discovered about myself if I were a witch, since I have invested a lot of time in this fandom over the years! Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw Traits: Intelligent, Wise, Sharp, Witty, Individual. Famous Ravenclaw Characters: Luna Lovegood (my favourite… Continue reading Pottermore


Harry Potter Problems (that are not really problems)

I haven't long re-read the Harry Potter series, then of course Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released, and now my mum and I are re-watching the films. This weeks blog post is about the effects Harry Potter has had on (probably not only) me that could be classed as problems.¬† Randomly singing, humming… Continue reading Harry Potter Problems (that are not really problems)