Chocolate Dipped Sprinkle Cookies

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having the best day. Today I am sharing these cookies I made along with the recipe, enjoy!  Ingredients: 8oz self raising flour Pinch of salt 5oz butter 4oz caster sugar 1 beaten egg to mix Instructions: Sift flour and salt into a bowl. Rub in butter finely and add… Continue reading Chocolate Dipped Sprinkle Cookies


Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes

Hello everyone! Over the weekend I decided to bake some cupcakes and I thought why not turn them into butterfly cakes? A summer time British tea party usually includes butterfly cupcakes, they are great fun to make, and taste delicious.  Recipe: - 4oz butter - 4oz caster sugar - 4oz self-raising flour - 2 eggs… Continue reading Vanilla Butterfly Cupcakes