25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hello everyone! Today I am joining in with this tag and sharing twenty-five bookish facts about myself!

  1. I’m a paperback girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll read off of anything, hardbacks, eBooks, audio books, but I have a soft spot in my heart for paperbacks. I find the cover illustrations have more variety, they are more portable, and much easier to read than hunching over a hardback book.
  2. I hate ruining books. I try my absolute hardest not to bend the spines or fold pages.
  3. Saying that, I love worn books. I like buying second-hand books because I think the way pages curl and covers crease shows the amount of love has gone into reading a great story.
  4. I always take the dust jacket off of hardbacks before I read them so I don’t destroy it by ripping it accidentally.
  5. There is no such thing as too many books. If I’ve read a book and enjoyed it, it will stay on my bookshelf, I’m not getting rid of it.
  6. I’d love to have a personal library in my house one day.
  7. I’m a super fast reader.
  8. My list of books to buy and read is currently 8 A4 pages long, with a book title and author name written on each line.
  9. I never usually read a book on or around its release date. I’m often very behind in reading the must-read latest novels, but there have been a few exceptions.
  10. I love bookish photography. 
  11. I actually didn’t grow up reading Harry Potter. I read the first book at fourteen and have been obsessed ever since.
  12. I’m not a fan of movie book covers.
  13. I almost always read the book before watching the movie.
  14. I became so indecisive when picking my next book to read, I had to make a TBR Jar to decide for me because I stopped reading new books and began re-reading old books instead.
  15. I wish I could bottle the scent of books.
  16. I can read anywhere. I’ve read on a noisy bus filled with schoolchildren, waiting outside in the freezing snow, in a pub when I was supposed to be socialising, in the car with the sun burning the back of my neck, but my absolute favourite place to read is snuggled up in my bed with a lamp and fairylights on to dimly light my room.
  17. My one set of bookshelves is organised via colour to make a rainbow, my other one is my fantasy and science-fiction bookshelf. 
  18. I have an entire shelf dedicated to Harry Potter books and other merchandise.
  19. I desperately wanted to be Mary Lennox as a child so that I could explore the Secret Garden.
  20. I currently own 170 books (yes I counted especially for this post, but at least I know now!)
  21. If I’m told to read a book, I’m less likely to enjoy it. For example, I hated reading Wuthering Heights when I was told to by my teacher for my A-level course, but since then I had read it and thoroughly enjoyed it because it was on my own terms.
  22. I love almost all genres of books, but my favourites are fantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction, YA contemporaries, thriller, comics and graphic novels.
  23. I don’t like reading more than one book at a time. I can do it easily, still remembering which characters and story lines are part of which book, but I prefer reading one at a time.
  24. I’ve never had a DNF book. Every book I’ve began reading I have finished because I hate starting things and not finishing them, including books, regardless of whether I really enjoy them or not.
  25. I struggle with pronouncing words. Ever since I began reading as a small child, I have never been able to pronounce a lot of words because I read them differently in my head. I am ashamed to admit that I only learned the correct way of pronouncing ‘archive’ three years ago, and I had a particularly embarrassing moment in my A-level English Literature class because I didn’t know what ‘facade’ was because I had been saying it wrong my entire life and didn’t recognise what my teacher was saying until she told me the definition..

There are twenty-five bookish facts about me, tell me a few about yourself or if you share some of mine!

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Jade Anna x



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