Illustrator Inspiration

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you five illustrators that inspire me. I’m in awe of each of these artists work, and hope that one day I can produce illustrations as incredible as these are. My preferred medium to work in is watercolour and ink, I love the effect it gives and you can create anything from splashes and splatters, and by letting the colours run down the page to create an amazing piece. I also find watercolour the easiest medium to work with. I am so much more confident working in watercolour than anything else. 

  1. Jim Kay. I absolutely adore Jim Kay’s work. I am eagerly anticipating the remaining illustrated Harry Potter novels to come out, because both the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets are filled with incredibly detailed prints. Jim Kay provides jaw-dropping illustrations that has brought his creativity to the world of Harry Potter and his interpretation of the characters and surroundings. The cover of A Monster Calls also fascinates me with the attention to detail within the branches. Jim Kay has a wonderful talent for captivating enormous amounts of detail into his work.
  2. Alex Clark. I love Alex Clark’s prints, particularly her focus on animals. Her work is instantly recognisable and I love the unique way she has interpreted the animals to reveal their characters. I’m in awe of her attention to detail with every brush stroke as hair or whiskers, and her use of colour is aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Hannah Dale. Hannah Dale’s prints perfectly encapsulates animal life. Her art is wonderfully realistic and has a great softness about it. Like Alex Clark, Hannah Dale has a great talent for detail within her brush strokes, and I am particularly fond of the splashes and drops of inky watercolour to add that final touch to complete her work.
  4. Abby Diamond. Abby Diamond’s work is visually bold and demands your attention. I love the mix of watercolour and ink to merge colour and outline, background and detail. I find her work striking and powerful, it makes you focus on every mark, every line that completes her work.
  5. Zuhal Kanar. I found this artists work via Pinterest, and I am obsessed with her adorable illustrations she sells on Etsy. They are truly pretty pieces of art with a mix of wildlife, animals and florals, bringing a pop of cuteness into your life. I love the colour palette, the soft technique used, and the overall designs.

So, those are my illustrator inspirations, these five artists never fail to inspire me and make me want to create my own watercolour, inky prints. As you can see they all have similarities but at the same time each artist is unique in their own way.

*I do not own the rights to any of these images.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jade Anna x



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