Painting in an Outline

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing something a little bit different with you. You may or may not know that I’ve just finished my A Levels, one of which is in art. At the end of my two years I had my 15 hour art exam. As an extremely self-critical-artist, I often don’t find myself happy with the finished product. However, this was not the case. I loved how my designs turned out in the end and it’s exactly how I imagined it, sketched it out, then finally painted the finished product. So today I’m sharing with you my designs with an example of a new one I’ve recently painted (after my course finished, for my mum). 

You will need:

– Cardboard

– Acrylic paints

– Paintbrushes

– A pair of scissors and/or an exacto-knife

– A pencil

– An eraser

To begin with, you want to choose your photograph that you want to paint. This is mine that I took last January, I didn’t include this photograph in my final piece so that’s why I’ve chosen to paint it now for fun! 

This was taken outside my house which is home to swifts and swallows making my decision for the outline an easy choice, particularly as there are two birds flying distantly in this photograph.

Once you have decided your outline, draw out the shape onto your card. 

Then cut it out! I found a pair of scissors was easier for the large areas but an exacto-knife was best for the more intricate parts.

Now you can begin painting. I loved painting this particular piece because of the gorgeous colours of the sky! 

Once dry, outline your shape using a marker or acrylic paint, and you’re done! 

I think that this is a really interesting way to capture a photograph or memory and a unique way of showcasing it.

In total I painted 8 different shapes for my exam along with a large canvas for the background to pull it all together. I’ll share a few of my favourite pieces from my project to give you more inspiration along with their original photograph.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jade Anna x



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