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Spring Favourites 2017

Hello everyone! How are you all?

This year is going by crazy fast. How are we entering the summer months already? I feel like I’m not ready to say goodbye to spring yet!

Anyway, this post is showcasing my favourites over the last three months; from beauty products to new apps and games I’ve been loving. IMG_5494

First up we have these facemasks by 7th Heaven. I have been loving these facemasks as of late because my skin has been having a major breakout. They come in a range of scents, mixtures and colours; my favourite consistency has been the mud masks, mostly because the peel off masks are soooo painful! IMG_5495

Continuing on the theme of skincare, I have also been loving this exfoliator by Liz Earle. You all know I love my Liz Earle skincare products, and this one is no exception. This was a little tester I had free when I bought my routine replacements, so I thought I’d give it ago and honestly it’s the best face exfoliator I have ever used, I’ll definitely be purchasing the larger version! IMG_5502

These have been my favourite spring scents this year. I love bluebells so much, they are ever so beautiful, so when I discovered Waitrose had bluebell scented bath products, of course I wanted them! These products smell gorgeous, I love them! Secondly I have been loving these raspberry products by treaclemoon, more so towards the end of spring as we’re moving towards summer because it’s a perfect transition scent. IMG_5497

Still in the beauty category, I have been loving these EcoTools makeup brushes. I won’t go into too much detail because I have already written a review here but just to reiterate; I love them! IMG_5501

Finally to the beauty category are these five nail polishes. None of these are new purchases, but they have been my go to colours this season; Tanya Burr – Duvet Day, Sinful Colours – Cinderella, Sinful Colours – Mint Apple, Barbara Daly – Butterscotch, Barry M – OliveIMG_5503

Short hair! So you may or may not know I cut off my hair for The Little Princess charity, which you can read more about above. I’ve been loving having short hair because a) I get more time in bed and b) no tangles! IMG_5478

Candles. Not a particularly ‘new’ favourite but I have been burning a lot more candles lately. My favourite however is the wax melts by Yankee CandleIMG_5496

Beauty and the Beast 2017 live action film. Oh my goodness this film is quite possibly my favourite film of the year (then again we’re only in May). I thoroughly enjoyed this remake of the animated version, and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should, even if it’s just for Dan Stevens’ sexy growl at the end of the film! IMG_5500

Pastel Highlighters from Stabilo. If you read my stationary haul you may have noticed this gorgeous addition to my stationary collection. These pastel highlighters are just so beautiful, and perfect for that pastel springtime vibe! IMG_5505

This is possibly the weirdest favourite I’ve ever shared – collecting 50ps. If you’re not from the UK, a 50 pence coin is part of our currency, but sometimes you’ll find one with an interesting design. For example, during the Olympics we had special athletic events printed onto the coin. I love collecting old coins and coins from other countries, so recently I’ve been collecting these unusual 50ps!

There are three games on my phone I have been loving this season, none of them are new, but they have been great for revision breaks or to waste time whilst waiting for someone or something! The first is SimCity, the second is Disney Crossy Road and the third is Design Home. I won’t go into too much detail about them because I’ll let you explore them for your own, but I will let you know they are highly addictive and a lot of fun to play! IMG_5509IMG_5512IMG_5514

So those are my spring favourites, let me know if I’ve introduced you to something new or if I share some of your favourites!

Jade Anna x


12 thoughts on “Spring Favourites 2017

  1. A Harry Potter 50p?? Shut the front door!! I have never noticed this at all and i’ve been using this money for 6 years now!! I’m going through my purse as we speak! I gonna look into this mega now! Thanks for sharing!!!! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s actually a Beatrix Potter 50p, you know, the author? Maybe there is a Harry Potter 50p though, honestly I’ve collected all sorts, it wouldn’t surprise me!
      Thank you☺️💕


  2. Great post!! 😉 I like it so much, maybe cause I love ‘favourities series’, haha.
    I heard about Yankee Candles but I haven’t given them a go. Probably I should try 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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