Amazing Bloggers Award

Hello everyone. Today I’m posting an award created by Hayley at normalgirlblogsite. This award is such a lovely idea and I love spreading positivity around the blogging community! 

Hayley’s thoughts behind creating this award: 

A lot of bloggers out there are not recognised. I myself emphasise with them. This is to help their blogs gain recognition.


• Thank the person who has nominated you

• Share the rules

•Share the award logo

• Nominate at least 5 people (max. 15)

• Share at least 5 things about yourself

• Provide a link to the person’s blog who nominated you and the people whom you have nominated

• Notify the people that you have nominated that you have nominated them

5 Facts About Me

  1. I’m a worrier, I worry about everything.
  2. I have a tattoo (some of my new followers may not know this here is the link to my blog post about it), and I’d love to get more!
  3. I can play the guitar, I started learning three and a half years ago.
  4. I like to collect things; past collections have included pennies, gems/stones, teddy bears, and when I was younger I collected toilet roll/tissue (don’t ask!)
  5. My front tooth is chipped because I was playing tennis doubles with my friend and she accidentally swung it back and it hit my tooth.

My Nominations:

I’m going to nominate all of my followers to do this award because you’re all amazing. 

Thank you to Hayley for nominating me to take part in this award, check out her blog if you haven’t already done so!

Also, tomorrow I’m doing something so exciting! Which of course I will share with you all on Sunday’s blog post, but if you want any sneak previews that may appear from now until Sunday, follow my social media accounts:

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr/Pinterest – JadeAnna31

Thank you for reading this post!

Jade Anna x


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