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The Positive Blogger Tag

Hello again! I was tagged by the lovely theverypunnyblog to take part in The Positive Blogger Tag, who also created this lovely tag! She posts a lot of fun, humorous,  quick read posts, that are always entertaining to read!

This tag is about you making someone else’s day.

The Rules:

• Thank the blogger who wrote about you, providing a link to their blog, and creating a positive overview of what they write about.

• Choose two or more blogs to write about.

• Write about them in the topics that have been set (see below).

• At the end of your post include some sort of quote, image, or your own words talking about why it’s important to smile.

• Comment on your nominees blogs and let them know that you have done this tag, as well as let them know that they are the next people nominated to do it.

• Include the link to the creator of the tags blog (just so I can read the lovely things you all write- thegeckoonline).

• Please include links to the blogs.

The topics to write about:

• Why they are such an amazing blogger ( eg. Include what they write about)

• Your favourite of their posts and why

• Why you chose them for this tag

• Reasons why others should check out their blog

My Positive Blogger Nominations:

Why she is such an amazing blogger:

I absolutely adore Tabi’s blog. Tabi posts creative DIYs and interesting lifestyle posts that are always a joy to read. She is also an incredible photographer, each post she publishes looks so professional and neat!

My favourite of her posts: 

DIY Teeny Tiny Colour-In Stickers

Why I chose her for this tag:

Tabi is incredibly supportive of my blog! She always posts incredible content and every post of hers is worth a read!

Reasons why you should check out her blog:

Whether you’re into DIYs or not, you should still check out her blog because it provides a burst of inspiration, and who doesn’t want to be inspired? She’s also recently reached 1000 followers, and if that doesn’t tell you that a lot of people love her blog then I don’t know what will!

Why she is such an amazing blogger: 

Her blog is incredibly creative (is there a running theme that I like creative bloggers?). Each post of hers is unique and her baking ideas are always amazing. I always look forward to reading the next post!

My favourite of her posts: 

Lemonade Cupcakes (I still need to try this recipe out!)

Why I chose her for this tag:

She sometimes does themed weeks such as a Beauty and The Beast themed week or her Pretty Little Liars themed week, where all the posts are related to that theme. Again this is done so creatively and it is so fun to read about.

Reasons why you should check out her blog:

There’s such a wide variety of topics over on her blog, from baking, to beauty and fashion, to other lifestyle posts, and lots of fun little random posts. There’s something for everyone to enjoy reading!





My Smile Quote:

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”


Thank you again theverypunnyblog for tagging me. It was great fun and a lovely opportunity to spread positivity across the internet!

Jade Anna x



8 thoughts on “The Positive Blogger Tag

  1. This must be the best award everr!! I love it! And oh gosh the things you said about my blog has made my day! Thank you so much Jade Anna! 💕😊 I am super excited to do this tag hopefully soon!! Yay! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is such an amazing award! And I still can’t believe that you choosed me to write about… Thank you so so much for your nice words, This really was the cutest thing ever to read ❤ you’re amazing, Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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