Stationary Haul

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing with you some of my recent stationary purchases as well as some all time favourites!

Disclaimer – this post is not sponsored by any of the companies of these products, all opinions are my own!

Ink and Stamps
I was terrified of using stamps for the longest time because it’s always a bit of a hit or miss. However, with a bit of practice it can be quite easy!

Ink Pads – Hobbycraft

Stamps – Dovecraft

Washi Tape

You all know I love my washi tape and if you didn’t then you do now!

Washi tapes – assorted craft shops

Post It Notes

A.K.A my revision life savers. These are honestly my best tip for revision because you can write all your notes onto them and stick them to the text without having to worry about writing all over a borrowed copy or re-writing out bundles of text. 

Post It Notes – Amazon


Okay I’ve got two favourites here. The first is my metallic paint, which is so pretty and shimmery. 

The second is basic acrylic (black) by my favourite brand of acrylic paint. The consistency and coverage is perfect.

Metallic Acrylic Paint – Brunel Franklin

Black Acrylic Paint – Daler Rowney


Again, got myself two favourites. The first are my ultra bright highlighters in all the colours you could possibly want. And again, highlighters are my holy grail when it comes to revision. I love those colourful highlighted notes; so much easier to read through! 

And the second is a recent addition to my stationary collection, some pastel highlighters. Oh my goodness I am in love with these soft beautiful shades! I can’t wait to use them properly! 

Bright – Staedtler

Pastel – Stabilo


Four favourites!

First up we have my everyday trusty biro pens. These are what I use to write with 90% of the time. 

Secondly we have some fineliners by Sharpie. These are amazing, definitely recommend! 

Thirdly we have another set of fineliners, this time this mini colourful set. These were a Christmas present and I love them. I feel like this whole post has been about revision, so sorry to bring it up again but I love to use these whilst revising. They make excellent additions to my titles and headings to bring a bold pop of colour to rather boring notes! 

Finally we have these felt tip markers. I bought these in bulk because I use them so much in crafts; mostly outlining my drawings. I have two different types, thin and broad, and when it comes to felt tips I never buy any brand other than Berol because they are so trusty and have a long ink life (is that a thing?!) 

Biros – Bic

Fineliners – Sharpie

Mini Fineliners – Stabilo

Markers – Berol


Two favourites here again. The first is by Crayola, again another trusty brand that you can’t go wrong with. The colours are bright and well pigmented on paper. 

The second are these by Staedtler. When it comes to pencils I gravitate towards Staedtler. I love their HB and 2B which I use a lot for art so I was intrigued to discover their colouring pencils. I like them, maybe not quite as much as the Crayola because the colour isn’t as bold but other than that they’ve been a definite hit! 

Coloured Pencils (1) – Crayola

Coloured Pencils (2) – Staedtler


Finally, we have come to the end! My favourite glue stick has to be Pritt, again it’s a trusty brand and when you want something to stick, it’s the one!

However, there are sometimes heavier items to stick together that a glue stick just won’t handle. So for those situations I find Uhu is the best brand. It’s a great consistency and holds well. 

Glue Stick – Pritt

All Purpose Glue – Uhu

So there’s my stationary haul/favourites. Let me know some of your favourite items for me to discover in the comments! Thank you for reading this post.

Jade Anna x


33 thoughts on “Stationary Haul

  1. How fun! I’ve never seen a stationary haul before 😍 I loved getting to read this! I’ve never heard of Staedtler pencils – do you know if they’re available on Amazon? I should look into them! And yes Washi tape is the best! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg! Love all those photos and all of those pens are SO COOL!!!!!!! Love this post honestly it’s amazing! I REALLY enjoyed reading it as well!! Well done for a great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the first photo 😀 everything is arranged so carefully! I also use Bic Cristal pens most of the time but the stabilo fineliners rock! As a fellow stationery fan myself I am drooling atm xD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I absolutely love stationery, especially sticky notes! Although I’m always scared that they’ll run out so I don’t particularly enjoy using them a lot… (for the sticky notes)
    (and I love how you took the photos!)

    Liked by 1 person

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