Waiting for Season 8

Hello there! I’m having serious The Walking Dead withdrawals after last week’s Season 7 finale. So I thought I would write a list of 8 things to do until October when Season 8 arrives, in case any of you are in the same situation as me! I’m so excited to see how they play out the All Out War storyline we saw in the comics! 

  1. Re-watch all the Seasons (1-7). I do this before the start of a new Season every single time!
  2. Re-read all of the comics.
  3. Stalk the cast’s social media accounts for hints and little previews of the upcoming Season along with behind the scenes of the previous Season!
  4. Make a Pinterest board about The Walking Dead and go crazy saving pins to commemorate your favourite parts of the show so far! (Or add to your previously existing board like me!)
  5. Play The Walking Dead video games by Telltale, the mobile games, or watch play throughs on YouTube.
  6. Watch cast interviews or funny montages on YouTube.
  7. Create fan-art.
  8. Go to conventions to meet the cast and other fans.

Thank you for reading this little post! I can’t wait for October to roll around!! I’m going to be following the above list for sure to get me through the next few months (except number 8 unfortunately..).

Jade Anna x



7 thoughts on “Waiting for Season 8

    1. Yes, yes I am!😂 I loved it! Definitely easier to take in than the Season 6 finale, despite losing one of our own!😶 And I love that it’s the groups first win against the Saviours! Oh and of course I loved Shiva finally getting in on the action!!🐯

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