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The Selection Series – Kiera Cass

I read all five books in five days… 

…and in one of those days I read two of the books.

I don’t know if that is an achievement or if it’s a sign that I need a social life, either way it definitely shows how much I enjoyed reading this series. 

I follow a lot of bookish accounts on Instagram and this series came up a lot on my feed with great reviews and as a must have/read.

Naturally, as an aspiring writer in a potential genre of young adult fantasy/dystopian I wanted to read it to see another aspect of dystopian writing with a new storyline, etc. This novel balances out romance and politics in a dystopian world through the relationships formed between America and other characters.

I loved the story line, the dystopian meets reality TV that Keira Cass promises, and most importantly the characters. 

For me (as an avid The Hunger Games fan) I could see a few links between the two stories. For instance it’s a dystopian universe and parts of it are aired on TV for entertainment, there are two potential love interests with different consequences as to which the protagonist chooses(Maxon/Aspen and Peeta/Gale), there are castes (like the districts in THG), there are rebels, and a ‘fight’ to be the last one standing (only in this case it’s to be a Princess not to be the only one that lives).

Okay right, I apologise now in advance for the major fangirling… I LOVE MAXON SCHREAVE.

There I said it, continue reading.

Prepare to be swept of your feet as Keira Cass has wrote a wonderfully romantic story. These books are filled with heart wrenching emotions, those shove-your-fist-in-your-mouth-to-stop-laughing-moments-at-3am-so-you-don’t-wake-your-family-up, friendships, romance, action and drama, what more could you want? 

I wholeheartedly recommend this series 100% to anyone willing to fall in love with another fictional character(s). If you need any more incentive then just read this quote:

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

Seriously Maxon is perfect, any man on his death bed (not a spoiler just a plot twist – promise) saying those words is bound to make you love him forever, or the last minutes he has to live (still not a spoiler).

I feel like this review is all over the place but really that just mirrors my feelings while reading this series.

The first three books are about Maxon’s selection through America’s viewpoint/life then the following two are from their eldest daughter Eadlyn’s viewpoint with her selection.

I already want to re-read the series, even though I have a million and one other books to read (not even an exaggeration – okay maybe a little exaggeration).

My favourite book from the series is The One. It was tense as the competition was down to the fine wire (is that a thing? ‘fine wire’?), there was more action in it than we’d seen before and the relationships between America and other characters were getting more intense. This book’s ending had deaths (tears from me), love, war (of a such) and was overall a cathartic ending.

For me the book ratings go:

The Selection: 

The Elite: 

The One: 

The Heir: 

The Crown:

“You can be brave and still be feminine. You can lead and still love flowers. Most importantly you can be a queen and still be a bride.” – Kiera Cass.

Overall I’m giving this series: 

Also, side note, I love Kiera Cass’ dedications and acknowledgement pages, she is hilarious!

Thanks for reading this blog post!

Jade Anna x



26 thoughts on “The Selection Series – Kiera Cass

  1. I have read the first three and I would have to agree that the One is the best! I will have to read the other two. Do you have any other good book recommendations that are like the Selection?

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    1. If your looking for books along the similar genre then I recommend The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Or I found that there were a lot of similarities between this series and The Hunger Games trilogy, so maybe read that if you haven’t already! I haven’t come across anything along the princess vibe before, it was only the dystopian theme that made me pick up this series! Hope that helps?😊

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