Body Confidence

I think at some point in all of our lives we have all struggled with body confidence, and it is often a recurring theme. 

My breasts aren’t big enough… My breasts are too big… My stomach isn’t toned enough… My stomach is too large…  My stomach is too tiny… My bum isn’t big enough…  My bum is too big… There are too many lumps and bumps, masses of skin and extra weight…

When considering the examples above in terms of our own bodies what exactly do we think the “perfect” body shape is?

The truth is there is no perfect body shape. We come in all shapes, sizes, colours, with perfections and imperfections of our own. We could make lists of things we feel insecure about on our bodies. However, it is only when we learnt to accept and love each of our flaws, we will truly be happy. It is difficult to do so at times; you may have a bad day where nothing looks right, your clothes don’t hang right on your body, you have spots and pimples littering your skin, and you’re having a bad hair day. This can be a major set back in your confidence, yet there are other days where your outfit has gone perfectly to plan, and your confidence shines, you don’t notice potential onlookers who judge based on looks.

The media is a major problem in telling us what we should or shouldn’t be looking like, not just for girls but boys too. We have examples of countless celebrities who “show off” their “perfect” bodies in magazines, articles, online media. But I’m sure that there are things they too are insecure about; maybe their feet are a little too big? Or they have a birthmark they consider ugly?

Photoshop is another problem. There are too many images of air-brushed skin, or accentuated curves in all the right places, eyes a little brighter and make up perfectly applied. This isn’t real life…

I am happy with my appearance. Sure there are days where I am not, when I wish I was a little more like this person or that person… But I have learned to love my little flaws and imperfections. Every scar tells a story. Each bruise has its own wonderful pattern. The marks have a reason for being there. I love that our bodies have the ability to change and adapt over time, the scars we have, we may not have been born with but they are there now as a permanent reminder of strength and beauty; and that is what makes us unique.

Jade Anna x




16 thoughts on “Body Confidence

  1. Love this – the media has such an impact on how we think we should look! I have an 11 year old sister too, and it’s difficult trying to make sure she knows it’s about being healthy and happy – not how we’re told to look xx

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  2. I really enjoyed this post! I watched this video of what they do to the photos of modals in magazines, they show you a before and after photo and it looked like two different people!
    By the way I’ve tagged you for the A-Z tag, if you want to see more it’s on my blog!

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    1. Thank you! The worst part is when people see these perfect photoshopped images and think that’s what they have to look like because it’s beautiful..
      Thank you, I’ll check it out now!😊 xx


  3. This was a brilliant post! I agree with this 100%! We should all learn to love our bodies no matter what imperfections we may have! I am massively struggling with this, and this post has really helped, thank you x

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