Being a Gamer is Useful in Real Life

Hello! This post is about the way gaming skills are useful when transferred to real life tasks, enjoy!

  1. I’m brilliant at packing the shopping away tidily or organising a lot of awkwardly shaped objects into a small space. This is because of the many years of my childhood I “wasted” playing games like Tetris.
  2. I’ve learned to check everything twice, even if that means spending a day retracing all of my steps because you never know what you could have missed. As with many role play games, you often find extra storyline content if you go back and check every nook and cranny the game has to offer (or you may encounter tiny annoying yellow flowers popping up whilst following you just to ruin your day.. [Undertale]).
  3. I know how to “fill my needs bars” after many, many hours spent on The Sims. Okay so sometimes it doesn’t quite work like that but at least I know if I walk into a room randomly and forget what I am doing it is because my Sim controller has just cancelled my action..
  4. Creativity is endless. If Minecraft has taught me anything then it is that you can create anything out of nothing. How many brilliant creations have been made from a 3D block? Anyone?
  5. Be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them. If you hadn’t worked this out already in life, being nice to people has its perks. Games such as Animal Crossing has shown that if you are a lovely person you can receive great rewards like free clothing, furniture, money… Haha I wish! No, but seriously, be nice people!

Thank you for reading this post, I really enjoyed writing it!

Jade Anna x



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