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DIY Paintbrush Storage

Hello! Today I an going to be sharing with you how I made this super easy paintbrush holder out of an old tissue box. img_4457

I didn’t want to throw away this tissue box when I finished using it because I love the pattern on the box. So I thought to myself, what can I use it for? img_4450

Before, my paintbrushes were just chucked in a box, so I sorted through them and decided this tissue box would make the perfect storage for them.

I began by removing the plastic lining on the top of the box. To get rid of as much of it as I could, I used a little nail scissors for more control and easier access.img_4451

Then, I wanted to cover the “Kleenex” label, so I used gold glittery washi tape around the top of the box, which I think brings out the gold in the butterflies.img_4452

Finally I added some shredded tissue paper into the box so that I could push the paintbrushes in, so the larger ones could touch the base of the box and the smaller ones could fit perfectly inside without getting lost. This step is totally optional though.

I told you it was super easy!img_4455

Thank you for reading this little blog post! Happy Sunday!

Jade Anna x


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