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My Top 15 Favourite Musicians/Artists Of All Time!

Hello, it’s me.. Okay so that may be kind of old now but who cares? The joke was apt for this week’s blog post, which if you haven’t guessed by the title, I am going to be sharing with you my top 10 favourite musicians and artists. Here we go!

15 – Bastille. Always love to throw on music by Bastille as background music when I have work to get on with, just to keep me going.

14 – Taylor Swift. When I was younger I was a major Taylor Swift fan, so naturally I prefer a lot more of her older songs than the new ones, but I still love her music and will continue to do so!

13 – Green Day. I first started listening to Green Day when I began learning the guitar years ago. Since then I’ve learnt many of their songs and I still love their sound.

12 – James Blunt. I grew up listening to James Blunt as my Mum loves him so much. I know every word to all his songs due to them being played over and over in the house or in the car. ‘You’re Beautiful’ used to be my favourite song when I was younger.

11 – One Direction. Thanks to One Direction, I made one of my best friends ever through their music (hi Cher if you’re reading this!!). Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, I can always rely on their music to pick me back up again.

10 – James Bay. Oh my goodness. I love him so much. His songs are incredible, and are favourites of mine to play on the guitar.

9 – Troye Sivan. Troye has achieved so much already, it seems like only yesterday he was on YouTube singing covers. His music is honestly so amazing and if you haven’t heard of him (have you been living under a rock?!) then please check him out!

8 – Mumford & Sons. A friend of mine introduced Mumford & Sons to me ages ago and I’ve loved them ever since. Their songs are really special to me because of a bond my friend and I shared, and each song brings back great, old memories every time I listen to them.

7 – Twenty One Pilots. – A relatively new favourite of mine, I love their sound and often find myself listening to their music on repeat for weeks.

6 – Imagine Dragons. The band which has the majority of my go to shower songs (don’t lie, we all have them..). I love Imagine Dragons, their music is catchy and edgy, and is always in my favourite playlists.

5 – All Time Low. If ATL has not been your favourite band at some point during your life, you may need to reconsider your decisions in life.

4 – Ed Sheeran. Every single one of his songs are so beautiful and wonderfully written.

3 – Fall Out Boy. My go to band to listen to while in long car journeys because I could listen to them forever and never get tired of hearing their music.

2 – 5 Seconds of Summer. Their voices are incredible, and overall as a band they play together so well. The four of them are only going to continue to improve as they continue to take over the world.

1 – McFly. Galaxy Defenders Stay Forever! McFly has been my favourite band for as long as I can remember. I apologise profusely to my old guitar teacher who had to put up with me learning every single song, or my high school best friend who had to deal with me obsessing over Danny Jones! McFly will forever be my favourite band, not only is their music the best but also as individuals they are all funny and caring, creative, lovely and are genuinely thankful for the support they receive.

And a bonus for you, my guilty pleasure is Michael Bublé! You have to love a bit of Bublé, especially at Christmas time.

Also, how good is Niall Horan’s new song?!

(You can also check out my spotify account for all of my favourite playlists – jadeanna31)

Thank you for reading this post!

Jade Anna x



3 thoughts on “My Top 15 Favourite Musicians/Artists Of All Time!

  1. Oh dear, how is it possible that I did not actually comment on this post? I am so thankful for 1D bringing us together and I will never ever forget staying up crazy hours talking to you (and you being appalled by how little I sleep), triggering each other with those gif wars, waking up to your loveliest random bursts, making promises about sheep and painting furniture… and just so much more! I’m so thankful for you and I am ever so proud of you being the beautiful mind and soul that you are. I don’t care what the rest of the world may say to you, but to me, you are always enough (and in fact, more than enough). ❤

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