My Bucket List

The title is pretty explanatory for this blog post, I’m going to be listing my life goals!

  • Get a tattoo – I already have one, but I want to get so many more as my life progresses and I can get new meaningful tattoos to remind me!
  • Visit Japan – most people want to visit the whole world and I’m not going to lie, if the opportunity arose of course I’d jump at it! However, the one country I desperately want to visit is Japan!
  • Write a book and get it published (ideally more than once) – I’d love to walk into a bookstore one day and see a book I’ve written myself on one of the shelves!
  • If all goes well with the aforementioned point I’d like to have my book(s) turned into a film – I love films almost as much as books and it would be amazing to watch the visions in my head rather than just reading them.
  • Visit Disneyland and Harry Potter World – I haven’t been to either and I would love love love to go to both as they are two of my favourite things ever.
  • Own a house in the country with roses around the door – my childhood dream!
  • Get married and have a family    – I’m really quite a maternal person even if the idea of having a baby slightly terrifies me right now but I am only 18 after all!
  • Run a marathon – the only sports I enjoy are running, swimming and tennis, since my dad ran his first marathon I’ve always wanted to do it, one day!
  • See a shooting star – another childhood dream.

That’s all I can think of right now! I’m sure more will get added as I go through life (that was so cheesy omg)… Thanks for reading this post!

Jade Anna x



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