My Favourite YouTubers #4

So about a month ago I uploaded the third and “final” instalment of this mini series I have on my blog. However, I really wanted to share more of my favourite YouTubers with you and I thought why not? So here is another 10 of my favourite YouTubers, enjoy!

Rosanna Pansino

It annoys me that it completely slipped my mind to include Ro in one of my previous favourite YouTubers posts because I love her channel so much, nevertheless its here now! I find her personality so addictive and she’s such a joy to watch, not to mention the delicious nerdy treats she makes which are always so amazing, I don’t know how she does it?!


Marie is like a YouTube mum (or mom) as she’s full of wisdom and her videos all show genuine love and compassion.

– Wassabi Productions & Alex Wassabi

Ah, what to say about Alex, his videos are a right laugh and I love the connection he has with his audience.


Sorry Ali-a fans but I’m not a Call of Duty fan so I don’t really like his main channel. His second channel on the other hand… I love watching these videos and he’s so passionate about the videos he makes, it’s refreshing to see.

Katie Snooks

Katie needs way more subscribers than she has because she is just so lovely. Her videos are brilliant and informative, I think it’s well worth your time checking out her channel.

Mikey Pearce

O M G. Mikey’s channel is probably the funniest one that I am subscribed to. Although he’s fairly new to the YouTube world, he has quickly become one of my favourite YouTubers as I’m sure he is for many others!

Oli White

Oli is one of the most reliable YouTubers, he always has new content up that is always a new, fresh idea.

Will Darbyshire

When Will uploads (jk, kind of) his videos are super creative and refreshing to watch. I love his personality and the messages he spreads across his videos.

Tom Fletcher

How could I not include Tom in the mix? As of more recently he’s began making his videos more creative which is amazing to see another aspect of his ingenious mind.


I’ve talked about Gi before in my favourite authors post but I haven’t included her in a YouTubers post. She is the wife of Tom (above) and I enjoy watching the snippets she releases of her life behind the scenes of writing as well as many fun adventures that she vlogs and shares.

Thank you for reading this post!

Jade Anna x



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