My Favourite YouTubers #3

Last one in the ‘trilogy’, as I have now shared 30 of my favourite YouTubers with you!Β image.jpeg


Lauren is so creative and I love binge watching her videos. She has so many unique DIY’s and also cheaper ways to DIY much more expensive items. Lauren has such a bubbly personality and is so sweet!

Anna Saccone

I’ve been watching Anna’s channel for so long! She is such a lovely person and in no way deserves any of the hate she receives.

Niomi Smart

Niomi’s healthy lifestyle is something I aspire to and it would work perfectly if I didn’t love doughnuts so much and if I wasn’t so lazy!

Jack Maynard

I can’t get through one of Jack’s videos without laughing! He’s one of those people who can make you laugh without even trying!

Josh Pieters

Josh is a natural entertainer, I love seeing a new video of his in my subscription box, as he always makes me smile.

Caspar Lee

Caspar is hilarious. I love his sense of humour as well as his love for pizza and Friday’s. He is such a down to earth person and is so genuine, and he is one of the people I would love to meet one day!


I’ve mentioned both Dan and Phil before but never mentioned their gaming channel. Their channel is full of laughs and puns, and has both the great aspects from Dan’s and Phil’s individual channels.


Not only is Dan an awesome entertainer through his gaming videos and series, but his channel also has a calming effect on me (not weird – kinda weird?) he has such a lovely personality and I really enjoy his channel.

Friendliest Friends

This is a relatively new channel of Jonathan SacconeJoly which features Emilia and Eduardo, and it’s possibly the cutest channel I am subscribed to!


Sean’s channel is also relatively new but he’s stepped right into the YouTube community and is a total natural. I love his connection with his audience.

Hope you enjoyed the final instalment of this series! Thank you for reading this post.

Jade Anna x



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