Chocolate Bark

This week I decided to make some chocolate bark. It is the easiest thing in the world to make and of course is delicious! You can make a variety of different colours too (eg, adding food colouring to white chocolate). Anyway, let me show you how to make it. 

You will need:

  •  Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • A variety of chocolate sprinkles

Yes that is it, that’s all you need!


  1. Start by melting your chocolate. The easiest way to do this without it burning is by putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds to begin with, take it out and stir it then put it back in for 15 second intervals making sure to keep stirring it so that it melts evenly. 
  2. Once you’ve melted your chocolate, put your base chocolate (in this case the milk chocolate) into a tray. Then add spoonfuls of your other chocolate onto the top in various places. 
  3. Next with the end of a spoon, marble the chocolate (not to much though or you don’t get the effect). To make the chocolate even, gently tap the bottom of the tray on the surface so that the chocolate spreads out evenly. 
  4. Once you’ve marbled the chocolate, add the sprinkles you want to make it more interesting (alternatively you can leave it as it is), then put it into the fridge to harden for 10-15 minutes. 
  5. Finally, break up the pieces into more manageable portions and you’re done!

Hope you enjoy making this! Thank you for reading this post.

Jade Anna x



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