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The Color Purple – Alice Walker

First of all, I’d like to apologise that this post may not have gone up on my usual day of upload (Sunday), however we currently have no phone line or Internet and from where I live (the middle of nowhere) it’s difficult to get any mobile signal at all to attempt to use the Internet so I was unable to publish this!

As someone who is looking to broaden their knowledge about feminism, I felt that this book was one of the best places to start after reading a few reviews online. 


It didn’t take many pages for me to be completely hooked on the story and as badly as I wanted to complete the book so that I could know what happened, I also wished it carried on because it was such a great novel!

The novel certainly achieved what I had set out for it to be, as it has made me think a lot more on the ideas of feminism as well as other themes such as racism and sexuality. There are some parts of the book which are quite upsetting to read but they’re greatly outweighed by the enormous sense of relief when discovering the joy for the characters at the end!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I’m going to give it:

Thank you for reading this post!

Jade Anna x


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