Bookmarks – Hogwarts Uniform Ties

In celebration of the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I have made this bookmark inspired by the Hogwarts uniforms; this is how you make it! You will need: Card (of your house colour; blue, yellow, red or green) A marker pen (of your house colour; bronze/silver, black, gold or silver) Scissors Ruler… Continue reading Bookmarks – Hogwarts Uniform Ties


Neapolitan Cupcakes

These neapolitan ice-cream inspired cupcakes are a little difficult to make but are well worth it as they are delicious! Ingredients: - Chocolate Cupcakes: 4oz (100g) butter 4oz (100g) caster sugar 2 eggs 3oz (75g) self-raising flour 1oz (25g) cocoa powder - Vanilla Cupcakes: 4oz (100g) butter 4oz (100g) caster sugar 2 eggs 4oz (100g)… Continue reading Neapolitan Cupcakes