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Favourite Instagram Accounts 

I like to see other peoples creativity and talents, so when I come across things I like, I like to share them with others. Wow that’s a lot of “likes”!

1. connorfranta – Connor’s photography is so good and he is always inspiring me to go out there and capture more unique and creative shots. His Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing, you won’t regret checking him out.

2. sweetambs – This account is so satisfying. Amber decorates biscuits but shows short videos of how she achieves them and I love watching them time and time again. Each biscuit is unique and looks incredible!

3. dorobot – They create little stock motion videos from paper, and each one is so different, I don’t know how they think of the ideas.

4. onepleasantday – Carrie’s Instagram feed is absolute goals. That’s all I really need to say to be honest!

5. quoteandquill – I have a bit of an obsession with typography, and the person behind this account has gorgeous handwriting, which is so pleasing to look at!

Thank you for reading this post.

Jade Anna x



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