My Favourite YouTubers #2

Last time I did this post (here) I really struggled to only write about 10 of my favourite YouTubers. So, I’ve decided to write another post with another 10!


Lizzie’s channel is one of my favourites because she is such a lovely person which really comes across on camera. She also has a love for Disney which makes me automatically love her!


One of the main reasons why Scott is on this list is because of his accent! Another is because he makes awesome videos, he likes a lot of things similar to myself and I really enjoy watching his videos.


Oil is adorable. Not only does he make highly entertaining videos, he can also sing, really well!

Joey Graceffa

I love both Joey’s main channel and his gaming channel. Joey is so lovely and I can 99.9% guarantee you will love him too.

Sprinkleofglitter + SprinkleofChatter

Louise will automatically puts a smile on your face within the first few seconds of watching. Her personality is so bubbly, you can’t help but smile and giggle along with her.

Pointlessblog + PointlessBlogVlogs + PointlessBlogGames

Alfie is always constantly looking for new, fun ideas to incorporate into his videos and he is so hard-working, which pays off in his videos. My favourite of his channels is probably his vlogging channel because of how well connected he is with his audience.


Hazel is unbelievably creative and has such a dark mind which shows off in her short films and sketches. I love her style of videos and the things she comes up with!


I’ve said before that Carrie is an inspiration of mine. She is the kind of person you wish could be your best friend. Her talent shines through and her creativity is endless.


Seán/Jack whatever you know him by is so funny, he keeps me entertained for hours! His videos never get boring and his energy is endless. Plus his accent is a huge bonus!


Connie is such a cute, adorable human and you will love her straight away. Her impressions are on point and being a fellow Disney lover makes me enjoy her content all the more.

Thank you for reading this post.

Jade Anna x



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