April 2016 Haul

Being a saver and not a spender often means I don't buy a lot, especially not at one time. However, over April I've done a lot of shopping (for me anyway) so I thought I'd share with you what I purchased! Clothes and Accessories Blush pink top - Peacocks Olive green top - Peacocks Lace… Continue reading April 2016 Haul


Things To Do When You’re Sad

A list of things to do when you're sad to (hopefully) make you happy again! Watch Disney films (or any film but I recommend Disney) Have a bubble bath Eat chocolate (it's a cure for dementors trust me) Do something productive, eg reading, writing, cleaning, etc Go for a walk Cry Have a Pinterest session… Continue reading Things To Do When You’re Sad


50 Things That Make Me Happy

(Not in any particular order) Harry Potter. Books. YouTube. Gaming. Family and friends. Daydreaming. Writing. My dog. The Hunger Games. Interior design. Bows.  Fashion. Undertale. Photography. Disney. Reading. Doughnuts. Bubble baths. Fresh bed sheets. Italian food. Stationary. Scented candles. Cuddles. Watching movies. Sleep. The smell of warm summer rain. Christmas. Autumn. Milkshakes. The beach/seaside. Ducks.… Continue reading 50 Things That Make Me Happy