Spring Dots Nail Design

I really enjoy the pop of colour I’ve added to my nails. This was so simple to create that even people who can never be bothered to do their nails but really like them when they’re done (me) can achieve! 

To start with I picked out my colours. Since Spring is here, I chose that colour scheme and picked out a turquoise blue, green, peachy orange and yellow. I was undecided between bright Spring colours or pastel, but I think any colours would look nice!

To begin with, paint your nails with a base coat, I went for a slightly pink coat (like a French manicure pink). I also decided to use the coral, peachy orange to create an accent nail. I used a dotting tool to create the dots, although if you don’t have one you can use a rounded pin. Then using my dotting tool I simply dipped the end into the nail polish and dotted them onto my nails using the various colours.

Hope you liked the post!

Jade Anna x



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