My Favourite YouTubers

I watch a lot of YouTube, so naturally I have a lot of “favourite” YouTubers I like to watch regularly. However I’m subscribed to well over a hundred channels so it is difficult to only pick a few favourites. These are YouTubers that I never miss a single video of; you may have heard of some of them, or I may have enlightened you on new YouTubers to watch!


As I have said before, Zoe is a huge inspiration of mine. I love to watch both of her channels, I can’t pick a favourite between the two!


If you are ever having a bad day, then definitely watch one of Joe’s videos. He is unbelievably funny, and is very talented and original. I guarantee that Joe will make you laugh, whether it’s a prank video or an impression video or any other!


Phil is an adorable little bean. His videos always put a smile on my face.


Dan is so relatable. Although, I am so glad he shares all of his awkward, embarrassing stories because it makes me feel so much better about all of mine!

Mandeville Sisters

Both Grace and Amelia are insanely beautiful, talented and lovely. They put up a vlog each week along with a main video which can range anything from a sketch to a story.


The SacconeJoly family are so lovely. Their daily vlogs will always make you smile as well as appreciate your friends and family.

Connor Franta

Connor is so talented as well as being very original. His videos are all incredibly well presented and he is so creative. He is also a kind, genuine person which makes him all the more wonderful.


I love Chai’s video editing style. He is quirky and there is never a dull moment in any of his videos.

Daniel J Layton

Daniel is someone I relate to sooooooo much. His videos always make me laugh and not only that, the majority of them are informative in some way.


Pj is probably one of the most creative person I have come across. His videos clearly take so much effort which really pays off. He is so creative and is an all round lovely guy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Jade Anna x



5 thoughts on “My Favourite YouTubers

  1. Amazing Phil and Dan is not on fire!!!
    Can I also recommend community channel (Natalie tran)? Although she doesn’t upload regularly (I waited for a month! 😂), she has amazing and humorous videos.
    (Maybe you’ve already watched her?)

    Liked by 1 person

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