What If?

A selection of “what ifs” that may result in a change to my life. 

What if I lived in a different country?

What if I spoke a different language?

What if my name was different?

What if I had different interests?

What if I couldn’t read or write?

What if I was born in a different year?

What if I had a different race or religion?

What if I had different morals?

What if I looked completely different to how I look now?

What if I preferred mornings to evenings?

What if I gave up?

What if I changed those mistakes I made?

The more you write out the words “what if” the more strange they begin to sound, the words become foreign in your mind. That made me think, I don’t need to know about the what ifs, they aren’t important. I am who I am. The people around me like me for being me, I don’t need to be someone else, or do something else. The words “what if” can be followed with endless possibilities. I don’t think they should be feared, they make you think about who you are. You should never compare yourself to others, wondering “what if I were them?” You would be surprised the ways in which “what if” can work, don’t let the effect be negative.

Thank you for reading this post!

Jade Anna x



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