A Piece Of Advice


I don’t give advice often, I don’t feel I have enough knowledge or enough control over my own life to be giving out advice to others, however this piece is something I’m constantly reminded of each day.

This is a card my auntie gave me almost a year ago after a rough patch in my life and I keep it on my shelf to remind me everyday to follow the message.

“When life knocks you down and tramples on your feelings, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and kick life’s butt!”

Whenever I feel like anything is getting on top of me, this little message always reminds me you can turn it around, there is always another way out of a bad situation. I like to hope that one day I can be like that cute little ninja and kick life’s butt, be completely in control of my life and not get down about the little things. Until then this is my reminder!

Thank you for reading!

Jade Anna x



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