New Year’s Goals 2016

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions that I have no intentions of keeping to, however this year I thought I’d set out a few goals to accomplish this year. By posting them on my blog I have no excuse to forget about them or ignore that I ever made these choices in the beginning!

My first goal is to drink more water. In really bad at remembering to drink water throughout the day and always end up with a headache. So I downloaded this app called Plant Nanny, which is super cute as every time you drink water you give your plant water. For me this is encouraging me to drink more water because I don’t want my plant to die!

My second goal is to challenge my anxiety. My therapist has worked with me on a bunch of other personal goals to challenge my anxiety to regain control over it. This is definitely going to be my most difficult goal this year.

My final goal I’ve set myself is to become more organised. I’m quite bad at remembering to do things and even when I do remember I procrastinate far too much and everything stays unorganised!


Thank you for reading this post, and Happy New Year!

Jade Anna x


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