Beauty Favourites

Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

There are some beauty products that I would be unable to live without so here are three examples of products that change my life. image


My hair is looooooooong… It would be a nightmare to cope with if I didn’t have a few trusty products! One of which is the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Perfector Oil. This stops my hair from becoming ultra frizzy (like Monica from Friends) and also protects my hair from heat damage whilst making it look and feel ultra shiny and smooth! Another hair product I couldn’t cope without is dry shampoo and a high contender for this category is Batiste because of its affordable price and great result.image



I’ll admit it, I’m not great at taking make-up off before I go to bed, even though I always regret it in the morning. However, I can’t stand sticky, clumpy eyelashes in the morning after leaving on mascara overnight so to change that I use Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover and it is brilliant!image


I love having soft moisturised skin even if it is a chore to achieve (for me anyway). So an easy option for this is to use baby oil once you step out of the shower or bath before drying! It makes your skin so lovely and soft, but failing that I love these body butters by The Body Shop!image


Thank you for reading this blog post!

Jade Anna x



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