5 Quick And Easy Halloween Decorations

I took to Pinterest and discovered a whole load of decorations, some of which I’ve adapted, so here are five really simple Halloween decorations that are super cute. (P.S. they’re great if you’ve left decorating your house to the last minute!)


To make these ghosts you will need:

  • tissues
  • black marker pen
  • cotton
  • newspaper


  1. Start by scrunching balls of newspaper.
  2. Next place the ball in the middle of a tissue and twist the tissue round the ball.
  3. Tie cotton around the head so it’s secure with enough cotton left to hang.
  4. Finally, draw on a face with a black pen.



For these cats you will need:

  • tissue rolls
  • black paint
  • white pipe cleaners
  • black and yellow card


  1. Paint the toilet rolls black.
  2. Once dried, pinch and fold the top of the roll to make two ear shapes.
  3. Cut out two eye shapes with the yellow card and draw an oval shape in the middle for the eye ball.
  4. Cut the pipe cleaner to make whiskers then glue both the eyes and the whiskers onto the roll.
  5. Cut out a tail from the black card and stick it to the back.



To make these adorable mummy candle holders, you’ll need:

  • jars
  • bandages
  • googly eyes


  1. Cover the jars with bandages and secure with tape.
  2. Glue on goodly eyes.
  3. Place a tea light inside.



These paper pumpkins will require:

  • orange and green paper
  • wool


  1. Cut strips of paper 3cm width, into different lengths.
  2. Start with the smallest strip, glue both ends and glue the next size strip to the top and bottom.
  3. Continue this with all three sizes.
  4. With the green paper, wrap the end around a pencil so it’s curled and stick them either side of the tape along with the wool to hang it with.



To make this cute bunting you will need:

  • coloured card
  • wool
  • little pegs


  1. Start by cutting a template triangle to use on all the colours.
  2. Be as creative as you like designing monsters and other Halloween related things.
  3. Cut a length of wool and peg your triangles to create your bunting.


Hope you enjoyed these adorable and simple Halloween decorations. Have a happy Halloween and thank you for reading!

Jade Anna x


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