My name is Jade and I’m a 17 year old from Wales. I’ve created this blog as a way to improve my writing skills which has an added bonus of me being able to express myself freely and write about whatever I like! I’m going to be honest, I have no clue how to write a blog or who would even read it, however I’m going to give it a go! I’ll hopefully write here every week about anything to do with fashion, beauty or lifestyle, or any matters I want to share. So since this is my first blog post, I’m going to write an A-Z list of things about my life!

A – Art. I am an artist (not professionally). Drawing, painting, creating, anything arty that’s me.

B – Bookworm. Even as a kid I’ve always had my head inside a book!

C – Career. After college/university I’d love to become an author and illustrator.

D – Disney. I love everything Disney related!

E – Elephant. My favourite animals are elephants, foxes, hedgehogs and giraffes, I don’t have any reason for this!

F – Fangirl. Okay here it comes, the biggest part of my life, the reason why I have no social life! I’m in too many fandoms to count on one hand..

G – Gamer. Whether it’s playing them myself or watching videos of others playing them, gaming is a huge part of my life!

H – Harry Potter. This deserved its own section, I LOVE IT SO MUCH, it’s perfectly normal, I swear!

I – Igloo. The idea has always fascinated me, who knows maybe one day I’ll live in one? Or maybe not..

J – Jade. My name, obviously.

K – Karma. I believe by doing good you receive good rewards, likewise badness brings bad luck.

L – Luna Lovegood. She’s my favourite character from Harry Potter, I can relate to her in so many ways and she’s helped shaped the person I am today.

M – Music. Music has always been my hobby, I play the guitar and have previously played the piano, recorder and flute.

N – Nerd. This sums me up. Whether it’s education (I’m not overly brainy however I’ve always been a teachers pet) or my obsession with books and video games. I love to learn and discover new things and become quickly obsessed over quirky, nerdy stuff.

O – Orange. My favourite colours are burnt orange, purple, pastel lemon yellow, blush pink and grey, although I love almost every colour!

P – Pokémon. I LOVE POKÉMON, enough said.

Q – Quiet. I’m the quietest person you’ll ever come across, until I get to know you, then you’ll never shut me up!

R – Rain. There’s nothing I love more than the rain! It’s so comforting when you’re trying to get to sleep at night and it’s hammering on the rooftops or against the windows! It also means I have an excuse to stay indoors and read a book or play video games!

S – Stars. Equally like rain, I love looking up at the stars, they’re so pretty, (I like the simple things in life)!

T – Titanic. My favourite film of all time (note to self: never watch before travelling abroad via boat.. again..)!

U – Umm.

V – Vegetarian. This speaks for itself?

W – Words. My favourite word is ‘always’, least favourite ‘phlegm’.

X – xxx. Kisses are one of life’s sweetest gestures.

Y – YouTube. I spend way too much time here.

Z – Zzz. Anyone who knows me will say I sleep too much, I can’t help it, I love dreaming!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, maybe? No? Okay. I wanted to make this the least cringey I could so I don’t die of embarrassment later on in life if I ever return to this post! I know I cheated on a couple of the letters *cough* u, x, z *cough* but it was actually rather difficult to think of something for each letter!

Jade Anna x


4 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Let me help you a little (:

    J – Jade. One of my first Twitter friends, and the ONLY ONE i could talk to about all the youtubers, Wales, sheep and furniture.

    U – U are sweet, sensible, cool, geeky (which is why you’re cool), pretty and kind. U enjoy all the simple quirky things in life which I do too, and I can’t wait for the day we could do them together! U perhaps don’t know this, but U changed my life for the better in many ways! ❤

    X – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx never-ending kisses for a lifetime for my sweet J.

    And you probably did this alphabet proper BUT i want to do my version:

    I – I love you always, and I will always be thankful for the moment we met and talked. I hope you never forget how beautiful a person you are, but if you need a gentle reminder every now and then… TALK TO ME (:

    Yours always,

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